Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Learning Logs

In an effort to support individual learning and to cater for each pupil's preferred learning style, this year I will be asking the children to create a learning log for particular topics that we cover.

I have told the children that they can show their learning in a variety of ways such as written project, drawings, diagrams, story, poem, song, drama, project, presentation. Whichever method they choose however should include key points and topics covered in class.

This week and last week we have studied Irish history with a focus on ancient buildings, historical sites, ruins and monuments as well as some national buildings.

I have asked the children to create their first learning log on one, several or all of the buildings covered in class. These include ring forts, hill forts, passage tombs, crannogs, beehive huts, round towers, monasteries Norman castles and Georgian buildings.

This learning log is due in for Friday 19th September.

For more information and examples of learning logs click here